AED Training


With advancements in medical technology, many public spaces are making available life-saving equipment that can be used by almost any lay person.  Among these advancements is the Automated External Defibrillator or AED.  You have seen these positioned much the same way as fire extinguishers in public buildings, churches, schools, airports, etc. 

This small machine is very easy to operate and someone with little to no training can save the life of a heart attack victim.  With time being such an important variable in restarting an arrested heart, this treatment needs to be employed before Emergency Medical Services can arrive.  That means you, the person on the scene needs to be comfortable with using this device as soon as possible to assist the person in need. 

MEMS offers free training in the use of AED, as well as CPR and bleeding control.  We will come to your office, school, church, or group and bring the training equipment for a simple short class.  You will become comfortable with the proper time and way to use an AED, all while in a low stress environment.   

Contact MEMS Community Outreach Education in the MIH-Community Paramedicine Department for more information and to set up your class.  501.301.1400.