MEMS In the News

How Emergency Medical Services Prepare for Mass Casualty Incidents: March 21, 2022 - (THV11) First responders are on standby 24 hours a day to respond to any medical emergency.

Chris Marshal talking to THV11

Future First Responders Being Offered In-house Training by MEMS: June 23, 2021 - (THV11) The pandemic has resulted in many worker shortages.

Central Arkansas Businesses Worried About I-430 Bridge Closing, MEMS Preparing to Reroute: March 5, 2021 - (KATV) Drivers in Central Arkansas can expect major road closures this weekend. Construction to expand the river bridge from 4 to 6 lanes on Interstate 430 started Friday at 8 p.m.

Arkansas Hospitals with Scarce Resources Use COVIDComm to Transfer 101 Patients: January 5, 2021 - (KATV) For three weeks, Arkansas has been using a statewide transfer system, called COVIDComm, to transfer COVID-19 patients to hospitals that have space.